Become a sponsor

The ministry’s finance is based on the generosity of sponsorships and donations received from various individuals and businesses. This helps us continue our mission to advance the Kingdom of God. With your assistance, we can do so much more for the people in our city.



  • Finances for rental, maintenance and resources / equipment is a constant need. Each season of growth holds its challenges.


Bible Pack:

  • Sponsored Bible packs are handed out to visitors. It consists of a Bible in the language of their choice, a pen and a notepad, that will enable them to take notes during our Bible-based messages and during their quiet time. A clear A4 Ziploc bag is provided to ensure the contents remain safe from damage from the elements. We encourage our visitors to spend time in God’s Word daily, as it will renew their faith and trust, give direction and build a relationship with God.   You can help in the form of donating Bibles, pens, A4 Ziploc bags, and/or with finance designated specifically for these items.

    • Kempton Park:  Sandy 082 533 3474  

    • Benoni:               Ida  072 769 0004  

    • Springs:              Jan 084 952 0997 /  Elaine 079 083 1130



  • Donations of blankets, pillows and bed sheets have enabled us to partially address the physical needs of the destitute.
  • During the course of the year, we appeal to family and friends for blankets and often have to seek additional financial assistance just to cover the costs of purchasing extra blankets.

  • Sleeping bags are a more practical option for the homeless people in the city.

    • Kempton Park:  Claudia 084 953 7278   

    • Benoni:               Natasha  083 655 1201  

    • Springs:              Netty 079 245 0700

Food Provisions / Food Parcels:

  • At any given branch, we serve food to approximately 100 adults and children on a particular ICM evening. This is made possible through the involvement of numerous cell groups and groups of friends or family, who participate in the feeding scheme part of the ministry. There is a constant need for more church, friends, and family groups to get involved in the donation, preparation and serving of food. Financial donations and support in the form of non-perishable food items will enable us to make up food parcels for destitute families.  

    • Kempton Park:  Sandy 082 533 3474   

    • Benoni:               Natasha  083 655 1201  

    • Springs:              Netty 079 245 0700



  • Much like our blanket drive, we appeal to people around us for clothes, especially jackets, jerseys, scarves, beanies, and shoes during the course of the year.

    • Kempton Park:  Cobus 082 465 6989 /  Angie/072 340 1340

    • Benoni:               Avril 084 896 6724  

    • Springs:              Norma 073 641 2508



  • One of the most precious gifts you can give the destitute is personal hygiene items, such as Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste & Toothbrush, Disposable Razor, Shaving Cream, Sanitary Pads,  Sunblock, Lip Balm, Comb, Body Lotion, Face Cloth, Bath Towel, Deodorant.

    • Kempton Park:  Claire 073 763 0240  /  Dean 079 652 3850

    • Benoni:               Wendy 084 784 0267  

    • Springs:              Azra / Louis 081 283 1223


We are aiming for both financial donations and support in the form of donated items as listed above in order to make up toiletry bags for our visitors and the people on the streets.