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Join us at any one of our branches, to gain first-hand experience of what we are doing. On a typical ICM evening, there is an opportunity for praise and worship, followed by a meal, a short Bible-based message and discussion time in small groups. You are also welcome to join our Street Evangelism / Children’s ministry or Intercessors.


  • Small Group Facilitation [Adults and Youth]

Facilitators consistently and compassionately disciple and encourage individuals within the security and support of a small group. We stand in unity and prayer and thus experience a spiritual closeness and confirmation of the route to follow. We need more facilitators; this will enable us to work with smaller and more intimate groups .


  • Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry Leaders, through Bible lessons, activities, and loving support, are there to build a solid Christian foundation in the hearts of the many children who attend weekly; we are in need of children’s bibles, stationery (including arts and crafts material) that we use to create visual designs based on the scriptures we cover on the evening. We are also in need of small desks and chairs for the children.


  • Evangelism  

God will bring about the much-needed change, from city to city, throughout the country.  We need to be visible, available and willing to take the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven that is for all people, out into our city streets. We currently have evangelists going out on the streets during the specific evening on which ICM operates in that particular area. We aim to have a team of evangelists out on the streets, every evening of the week, in all areas. The streets are occupied by homeless people, caught up in addiction and prostitution, it is becoming the roaming place of innocent children. We are God’s hands and feet. We actively participate in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

We need your help!








  • Intercessory Prayer Partners

To provide the indispensable, continuous prayer coverage that is needed for both those ministering and those who are being ministered to.

•    Short-Term Vision: 7 days a week, connected Prayer Groups

•    Long-Term Vision: 24/7 Connected Prayer Groups


To create a network of prayer groups, interceding for;- the Inner-City Ministry.

•    team members actively involved weekly

•    our visitors whom we are discipling

•    evangelism in our cities

•    the people living in our cities

•    the people living on the streets in our cities

•    businesses and job opportunities

•    drug- trafficking and addiction, prostitution, crime etc.

•    SAPS, EMPD and other law enforcement authorities


 For all the church’s all over to join hands



Powerful, connected prayer, as lead by the Holy Spirit and shared via WhatsApp groups, running each day of the week, (a group is allocated a weekly prayer slot on a selected day of the week, Monday to Sunday, with a leader for each group).   If something specific is laid on someone’s heart during a prayer session, this is shared with the rest of the group. This way we can unite in prayer throughout the week, stirring up each other’s faith and zeal. Scripture received during prayer sessions is noted and shared. Specific prayer points are given through on the group, as and when needed. We know God plans to change the heart of our cities and people.  Let us allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in prayer and work with Him in the Spirit.


  • Marketing

        (Contact: Sandy Nieuwenhuizen 082 533 3474)

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